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what is supervision?

Supervision is a place to focus on the quality of your work.

A space to pause, connect, nourish yourself and grow.

Our work together will support you in three ways:


As a coach

Expand your thinking, learn, experiment and see things from new perspectives. 


As a person

Restore what you need after being immersed in your clients’ challenges.


As a professional

Keep the standards of your work high. Get support on ethical issues or dilemmas.

supervision work I do best


leadership & career coaching

In my coaching work I support forward-thinking leaders.

In my private practice I help clients craft modern, thriving careers on their own terms. I used to lead high performing teams in a Big 4 consultancy.  


All this will help us have a great conversation about the future of work, organisational dynamics and leadership.


self-doubt and imposter thoughts

I have a long standing history with imposter feelings. It has become evident through my work how many of us experience this alone. I am passionate about creating a space for this experience.

Many of my supervision clients have had careers as lawyers, consultants, HR leaders. Letting go of that expert identity can be challenging. 


I can help you through this transition.


focus on the quality of your being

When we train as coaches, we learn tools and models. Yet the most important tool, the most powerful instrument at our disposal in service of the work is ourselves.

I am passionate about helping you integrate your training, experience, skills and abilities into a way of working that brings the best in you.

meet your supervisor

Hi, I'm  Marta



I believe that running a coaching practice doesn't need to be  a solitary endeavour and that every coach should feel supported in their work. As a qualified supervisor, a coach trainer and a business mentor I can support you in a truly holistic way.


My mission is to create a safe space for you to reflect, grow, and become the best coach you can be. 


I am passionate about choosing a path towards coaching mastery. Here's why: it's relatively easy to become a coach these days but not all coaching work out there is excellent. 

You reading this page makes me think that you're committed to your growth as a coach and to serving your clients with impact. I'd be delighted to be your partner on this journey. 


My supervision clients describe working with me as a warm and accepting partnership, a non-judgemental, positive, intelligent, enjoyable and safe space.  A connection that is helpful, positive, consistent, encouraging, yet humble and of integrity.


I'm part of the faculty at Animas Centre of Coaching, as well as at the International Centre for Coaching Supervision.


Coaching Supervision

Put coaching mastery in the front seat.
Do impactful work.
Be remembered and recommended.

I have loved our sessions.  Marta is a positive, supportive and highly attuned supervisor who uses all her skills to help bring out the best in my coaching in a gentle and constructive way. 

Her deep understanding of Transactional Analysis has added a really valuable dimension. I have come away from our sessions inspired to read more.


I feel that I could discuss any issue with her without feeling judged. I would recommend her supervision to any coach.



doctor, Women’s Trauma Specialist, Ambassador to Psychologies Magazine

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Supervision interrupts practice.


It wakes us up to what we are doing. 


When we are alive to what we are doing, we wake up to what it is, instead of falling asleep in the comfort stories of our clinical routines and daily practice…

Sheila Ryan, quoted in Michael Carroll's "Effective Supervision for the Helping Professions"

How will you benefit 
From Supervision?

Develop Your Coaching Style


When you train to be a coach you may lose sight of who you are and what you already know. Supervision is a place to develop your own style.


Similar to a chemist mixing ingredients to create a compound with its unique properties, supervision is your experimentation lab where you integrate your life experience with you coaching skills to an approach that you can confidently call your own.

Group and individual supervision can be similarly effective and rewarding. It's up to you to choose which is best for you. Contact me if you’d like to have a conversation about which one to choose.


1-to-1 supervision 

This option is great if you would like a confidential space to explore your client work where the focus is just on you.



My group supervision programme that will help you move from feeling like an imposter to being supported and secure in who you are as a coach.

Unique Session Reflection Sheet

Being able to reflect on yourself and your practice, unpick what happens in sessions and see the progress you make in your areas of growth is at the very heart of being masterful as a coach.


This self-reflection sheet will guide you thought this process and help you tame your self-doubt and imposter thoughts at the same time.

Designed to:

R  help you appreciate your progress,

R  catch your inner critic,

R  bring more of your authentic self.

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Questions I'm sometimes asked 
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