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As a leader, you are under an enormous pressure to perform: reach increasingly ambitious goals faster, build engaged and high performing teams and lead them with confidence through times of rapid technological changes and increased uncertainty. You balance those demands with your desire to maintain a fulfilling personal life.


Coaching will give you clarity, confidence and accountability to create the right conditions for you to thrive as a leader. Coaching is a process where you set the agenda and we work towards your goals together.

We can work on a 1-to-1 basis but the engagement can also extend to your team through individual and group coaching.

The use of coaching continues to grow. It's recognised as a way for leaders to maintain focus in the complex times we live in. It's also an investment in leaders and teams to help them reach their goals.


As a client or a sponsor of executive coaching in your organisation, this is how you may wish to use it to benefit your team:

London City

As an executive coach I work with leaders and their teams to help them gain self-awareness, achieve their goals AND unlock their potential, Creating that remarkable space where high quality thinking can occur.

Why invest in executive coaching with me?


I believe that best coaches are those with strong industry experience, as only they can help their clients think deeply through a range of complex issues.


In addition to being an accredited coach, I spent 15 years in financial services including in a leading "Big 4" consultancy.


I have first hand leadership experience having led a number of teams myself. I worked with dozens of firms across the globe, which made me culturally flexible and able to adapt to new organisations.


This, combined with the coaching skills that can transform individual and team performance, has prepared me to be to be the right conversation partner for you and your team.

develop leadership skills

prepare for promotion





REDUCE stress

IMPROVE work-life balance

I offer executive coaching in person and remotely (via phone or video calls), working to an agenda agreed with the individual and the business sponsor.


Please contact me on to discuss your requirements. 

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