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Client Testimonials

I'm leaving the process happier at work and home,

clearer about what I want, with renewed focus and purpose

I have found the process of working with Marta hugely helpful and am really really glad I did it. Before we started working together I was at crossroads at work, uncertain about what I should do with regards to applying for a big promotion. The greatest benefit of my work with Marta is that after 6 sessions I now have a high level of clarity of what I want from my job and how I can achieve it. I also have a great feeling of agency: I feel that I am in control of my choices, rather than being swayed into making decisions based on what other people think I should do. Marta astutely analysed what I was saying, challenging me, giving me issues to consider and always giving me responsibility for making changes. I have also learnt some useful ideas that I’m taking with me, notably transactional analysis.

My work with Marta has re-energised my leadership and I am re-invigorated in my work. Importantly it has allowed me to balance this more effectively with home life as well, really focusing on my main priorities. 

I am leaving the process happier at work and home, clearer about what I want and with renewed focus and purpose.

Roz Maslin, Deputy Headteacher, London

The coaching sessions helped me figure out where I want to take

my career.

I am fortunate to have been coached by Marta. I highly recommend her services- she has a wonderful coaching style that is both supportive, yet challenging. This really got me to think deep to better understand my values, future ambitions and even my fears. All of which helped me connect my thoughts, beliefs and emotions. The coaching sessions helped me figure out where I want to take my career. I felt like I was at a bit of a crossroads and Marta helped me gain clarity to find the right way forward. Thank you Marta!!

Ginette Oliver, L&D Manager, Bournemouth

the changes I ended up making were things I wouldn’t have


I have really enjoyed working with Marta. Even though our sessions were via Skype she immediately put me at ease and I felt like she was a trusted friend not someone I'd just met. Marta has a really lovely manner, is a very approachable person and is very good at listening. It really helped me get clarity on what I needed to change to reach my goals. 


If you’re starting your business then you are very important to its success. I found that with the changes I ended up making were things I wouldn’t have thought of prior to my sessions with Marta but they were still crucial to helping me achieve my goals. 

I would highly recommend it.

Nicola Hearn, Business Owner, London

thE sessions with marta gave me a real sense of accountability

The sessions with Marta gave me a real sense of accountability to making the changes we talked about in each session. I feel that I was able to get clarity in my thought process and Marta was really able to help me focus on the small things that combined to make a real difference to the way I needed to think to achieve my goals.

She was brilliant. I had never worked with a coach like this before and Marta made me feel at ease through the whole process – even if some of the subject areas discussed pushed me out of my comfort zone. She was able to hone in on small, but important, things that I said that she could see were important in helping me move forward.

Marta has a lovely personable manner that immediately put me at ease in dealing with her and in talking through my reasons for coaching. She was able to analyse what I was saying in a very subtle way that helped me to realise the direction I needed to take – I never felt like I was pushed into a discussion or direction that I shouldn’t have taken. She was adapt at being able to pull at threads to uncover small details in my narrative that helped me to gain clarity on bigger issues.

Freida Moore, Head of Communications, Surrey

I did more in the last 2 months with Marta than in the last 2 years

Marta has been amazing to work with. She made me feel comfortable when I opened up about my dream career.

Before I started working with Marta, I was very much dreaming about my ideal business and not making space for what I needed to do to get there.


I was nervous before we first connected. I felt that I needed to be prepared with a list and tick everything off it during my first session. I couldn’t be more wrong.


Her professional approach but also relaxing atmosphere made it easy to talk through my business plan and emotions. I did more work in the last 2 months during my sessions with Marta than I did in the last 2 years just dreaming about my business idea. I came away with confidence and mindset I needed to help me turn my dream business into reality. But most importantly I found ways to better myself.

Estera Pasek, Entrepreneur, London

MY CAREER CHANGE would have felt much more overwhelming without Marta’s help

After 5 years as a stay at home mum I was starting to think about going back to work. I was looking for a change from the career I’d had before children but I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I was feeling stuck, worried and daunted and didn’t know where or how to start looking.


Talking to Marta is very easy. She asks great questions and is non-judgemental so I feel able to completely open up which then allows me to make more sense of my thoughts and ideas about which direction I want to take. After each session I feel positive and motivated with a ‘to research’ list to help focus my search.


The main thing I gained from working with Marta is much more clarity around my thoughts, confidence to believe that I can successfully change career and the motivation to give things a try. The process of figuring out a career change, especially after a period of time out of the workplace, would have felt much more overwhelming without Marta’s help. My sessions are ongoing so this is still work in progress but the difference is that I now feel there is progress and I am excited about the future and enjoying the journey of discovery.


Sarah Maybury, Career Changer, London

The best result of my work with Marta has been the clarity our sessions brought

I was finally able to concretely reflect on my blocks and how to overcome them

Working with Marta over the last few months has been like opening up a door to my true desires and needs. It started very softly and it became more challenging and rewarding as the time passed by. 

The best result of my work with Marta has been the clarity our sessions brought. I was finally able to concretely reflect on my blocks and how to overcome them. It also helped me to be consistent and accountable to take the next steps.

Marta has many strengths as coach. She has a genuine, pure, friendly and positive style. She is a very curious person who always keeps exploring and studying. She let me decide what to focus on in a session, but she also challenged me when I needed it. She manages the sessions so that there is space for thinking and exploring, but also for focusing on moving forward with my goals.

I would definitely recommend Marta as she has been a great coach for me. She has been my partner through different and many challenges, always flexible and honest, professional and supportive. I always felt she truly cared and was passionate about supporting me. As a coach she has a great balance between being positive and able to create a safe space to explore and focus on goal and stepsI need to take to achieve it.


Edvige Caci, Manager, London

Without Marta’s expert guidance and support, I would never have found my new career

Following twenty years of working in a niche area of broadcast media, my career gradually ground to a halt. There was no progression, no development and having been forced to go freelance, there was no security. A change of direction was unquestionably what I needed but having done the same job since my mid twenties, it felt intimidating to even consider making such a leap. I believed there was nothing else l could possibly do. How would I bring about such a drastic change? At this point, my working life felt pretty much like it was coming to an end.


That was until I started working with Marta.


Marta’s approach to coaching is one of empathy and warmth, putting you totally at ease, prompting and guiding you along a path of self-discovery. She understands people and is an astute listener, who responds with impeccable advice. She gives you the opportunity to stop and learn about yourself, asking amongst other questions, ‘What are my values?’ and ‘What are my strengths?’ As a result, my mind was quickly opened up to a whole new way of positively thinking about myself, in terms of what I had to offer personally and how that could be translated to the work place and different jobs.


Possibilities began to appear and as the programme developed, my focus became clearer.


Career Reboot ran over several months, which gave me the time to absorb, reflect and apply what I have been learning and discovering. I had the space to proactively explore different paths and opportunities, to work out what was right for me. As a client, I was in control of the direction that I wanted to take . What I liked about the coaching programme is that it can be moulded to suit individual circumstances and requirements. It’s built to get to the essence of what is needed to move you forward in your life and career.


The programme has been a practical journey of self-discovery and following my sessions with Marta, my career path has diverted from TV producer to Learning Support Assistant, becoming part of the community at a local secondary school, which has been an ideal change and brand new challenge for me.


Life can be extremely busy and it is easy to adopt a sense of tunnel vision to our careers, where we go through the motions, never looking at the bigger picture, or questioning where we are going. I believe everyone would benefit from coaching at some point, to understand themselves better, to bring about change and possibly a new direction.


Without Marta’s expert guidance and support, I would never have found my new career. If you are at a similar crossroads in your working life, or are interested in following a new career path, I cannot recommend working with Marta highly enough.


Stephen Rowell, Learning Support Assistant, London

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