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does this sound like you?

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I want my work to be consistently impactful.
I want to feel confident in my coaching ability.
I want to be fully booked at rates that sustain me.
I want to be professional yet uniquely me as a coach. 
I want to tame my inner critic.
I want to feel confident in my discovery calls.
I want to be remembered and recommended.

embark on a journey towards Coaching mastery with mE...

Have you transitioned into coaching from a previous career?

Perhaps you're finding this transition to be more difficult than you thought, especially if you used to be an expert in your field.


The uncertainty of building a new professional identity can be really uncomfortable.


In your heart, you are convinced that having a coaching practice is what you want, but you don't know for sure if you can make it work, also financially. It's understandable to doubt yourself through this process, or feel like an imposter when you sell your work.


Maybe you're wondering if your work is impactful enough?


If you feel this way, you are not alone.  I understand how it feels to transition from one career to another. 


I have been exactly where you are now.

Here's the thing about career transitions: they can make you feel like a newbie, even when there is so much experience and professional wisdom you can bring to the table. Sometimes it's easy to forget that.

As your supervisor, my mission is to help you tackle self-doubt, feel secure in your work, discover your unique strengths as a coach and build a thriving practice as a result.


From Self-doubt to Coaching Mastery

This is the coaching supervision programme that will help you move from questioning your ability and feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the first few years of running your practice to feeling supported and secure in who you are as a coach.
I will help you understand your coaching strengths, style and philosophy.


Be secure in who you are.

coaching mastery

Be the best coach you can be.

thriving practice

Charge what you're worth.

Discover a 6-month programme that combines group supervision with my unique online learning programme that helps coaches to tackle self-doubt, be secure in who they are and be the best coach they can be.


You will experience both group supervision and 1-to-1 supervision, you will learn tools and build a range of skills that will help you reflect on your sessions, serve your clients with impact and thrive in your practice.


You will be part of a group of coaches that will support and help each other grow, you will form relationships that are likely to last way beyond this programme.

This programme has been designed to give you holistic support as you transition from your previous career to running a thriving coaching practice.

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your 6-month journey through the programme:

This programme runs only twice a year

It opens once in the Spring, and once in the Autumn and each time I can only welcome a small group of coaches who work  closely with me as part of an intimate group of like-minded individuals. 


Would you like to be the first to know when it's about to open again?

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What Coaches Say About It

This programme is about being better than you perhaps think you can be.


It’s all about creating dialogue from a place of who you are. I think that is definitely how it's changed my style.


Each session brought something powerful I could take away and put into my coaching practice.


I’d say that the “Being Authentic” Module is almost worth the programme fee on its own, because it absolutely transformed how I coach, how I reflect on my coaching and how I view myself as a coach. 


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this experience is broken down into 3 components




Supervision sessions where a group of like-minded coaches will come together to discuss challenges and aspirations in their practice.


You will feel supported, safe and reassured that you are not alone in your challenges.


You will grow as a human and as a practitioner.




 Training videos and reflection assignments covering the fundamentals of self-belief.


You will reflect on your practice and your identity as a coach.

You will come together as a group to consolidate your learnings, you will experience techniques like positive gossip to really hone in on your strengths.




You will have 2 hours of individual support from Marta, to be used at any point throughout the programme.


You can choose what serves you best between coaching, supervision, business mentoring. Why not choose an analysis of a recorded session to get invaluable feedback on your coaching?

learning modules explained


​In this module is about getting really clear on what mastery actually is.


Depending on your style, personality, preferences, or modalities you work with - it may mean different things to you.

You will gain clarity of where you want to grow and develop your skills.

Inner Critic &
Imposter Thoughts

In this module you will be invited to compassionately unpick your self-talk and thought patterns.

We will use the principles of Acceptance and Commitment approach that can help us show up and do what matters despite of what our mind might be telling us. 

Being Authentic
as a Coach

When we doubt ourselves, it can be tempting to put on a "coaching persona" rather than bring ourselves fully to our work.


This module is about giving yourself permission to be authentic in a way that's grounded in awareness and consciousness.


We are all so different as practitioners but can you articulate what makes you unique?

This pillar is about understanding and appreciating everything that you bring. 

Open Book


Great to meet you, I'm Marta

When I set up my coaching practice after a successful career in a big 4 consultancy, imposter feelings were the biggest obstacle on my way to building a thriving practice.  I was comparing my nascent practice to the accomplishments in my previous career and I was really doubting myself: who was I to be calling myself a coach when there are so many experienced practitioners out there? My discovery calls felt uncomfortable - I felt like a beginner but had high expectations of myself at the same time. 


I believe that nobody should go through a transition like this unsupported. In this programme you will find yourself working with me and a group of like-minded coaches on a similar journey.


My mission today is to modernise supervision and blend it with other types of support invaluable for a holistic growth of your practice in its early years. I'm really excited to share this with you.


As an experienced coach trainer, a qualified supervisor, a business mentor, and a coach who specialises in working with change and professional identity, I believe the blend of what I can offer is truly unique.


what you get for your investment

R 6 months of support

R Training material for each of the 4 Modules, including videos and workbooks 

R Group supervision calls every 3 weeks, alternating between:

- 4 open supervision calls (2h)

- 4 group sessions (2h) following each module

R 2 hours of 1-to-1 time with Marta. You can choose the topic of these sessions, between coaching, supervision, business mentoring, or analysis of a recorded session.

R A unique self-reflection sheet that will help you unpick what happens in your sessions, grow, experiment and appreciate progress .

"I am both enough

and capable of more"


Free Unique Session Reflection Sheet

Being able to reflect on yourself and your practice, unpick what happens in sessions and see the progress you make in your areas of growth is at the very heart of being masterful as a coach.


This carefully designed self-reflection sheet will guide you thought this process and help you tame your self-doubt and imposter thoughts at the same time.

Designed to:

R  help you appreciate your progress,

R  catch your inner critic,

R  bring more of your authentic self.

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This Programme opens again in Spring 2024.


Would you like to be the first to know when enrolment starts again?

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