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I want to
make an impact as a leader 

Be the leader who brings the best in others.
Invest in coaching to become even more effective in your role, build engaged, high performing teams and lead a balanced life alongside your career.

I want

A career on MY own terms


The world of work is changing. With so many options available why settle for an unfulfilling career?

I support driven professionals to get clarity and courage to create a work life that's perfect for who you are. 

I want to
manage my stress or anxiety
Long work hours, competition and constant pressure to do more with less can take their toll on our mental wellbeing and prevent us from feeling fulfilled and engaged.

Learn how coaching can help relieve stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

I'm a coach

looking for supervision

For coaches who want to be be great at what they do and support their clients with impact. 

Through supervision I can support you in three ways: as a coach, as a person and as a professional.

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My Clients Say:


My work with Marta has re-energised my leadership and I am re-invigorated in my work. Importantly it has allowed me to balance this more effectively with home life as well, really focusing on my main priorities. I am leaving the process happier at work and home, clearer about what I want and with renewed focus and purpose. 

Roz Maslin, London


About  Marta

I help leaders and driven professionals create a fulfilling work life that they can be proud of. Some of my clients go through major professional transitions, some end up making seemingly smaller, but impactful changes that make them thrive.

I do what I do because I’m passionate about challenging you to think bigger for yourself, helping you challenge the status quo and supporting you to create your best possible career. 


I have undergone in depth education and training as a coach and I'm credentialled by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


I'm also a qualified coach supervisor and a coach trainer. I have trained hundreds of coaches at Animas Centre for Coaching, one of the largest coaching schools in the UK.


How I Work:

My main method of work is one-to-one coaching. Coaching is, put simply, a series of thought provoking conversations where the focus is 100% on you and your goals.    Expand to learn more about my approach...

These conversations will be unlike any others you’ve had before. First of all, you will feel really heard: deep listening and powerful questioning are the bedrock of my coaching. ​You will feel encouraged, supported and challenged at the same time. This creates this remarkable space where your highest quality thinking can occur, creating the conditions to help you achieve things you didn’t dare to think possible. I draw on a number of methods and schools of thought in my work, mainly Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Transactional Analysis and Positive Psychology. Read more here

Most of my sessions are via zoom, intertwined with occasional face to face sessions in London.

The experience is easy and seamless. You can book and reschedule sessions at times that are convenient for you using my flexible online calendar.

My clients often tell me that coaching with me makes a real difference. This is how:

- Life is busy, isn't it? When you decide to invest in coaching you create a dedicated, uninterrupted time to focus on you and your future. - It will help you feel positive, inspired and confident, making progress from session to session. - You will filter out the noise: get clarity of who you are and what you want. - You will get an understanding of what is holding you back. - You will gain confidence that change is possible. - I will challenge you to see yourself in an honest way, and encourage you to do things in a new way. - You will feel encouraged and supported. My signature strength is being encouraging but challenging at the same time. - A coaching session is a safe, unbiased space to explore absolutely anything. - You will reach your goal faster. I'll hold you accountable and you'll keep making progress. - You will boost your personal growth will benefit you beyond your working life.

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My mission is to help you get clear and intentional about your career and how it fits in your life more broadly. Visit my blog for inspiring stories from client sessions and my own life about careers, leadership, and becoming our best selves. 


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