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stress and anxiety coaching


Stress seems to have become an inseparable part of modern work and life. Long work hours, competition and constant pressure to do more with less are taking their toll on mental wellbeing and preventing us from feeling fulfilled and engaged. Some pressure can be motivating, but it can seriously impact our health and well-being when sustained over a long time. There are lots of ways we can learn to cope with stress better, but sometimes we need support.


If you feel stressed, irritable or anxious, we will first have a look at what‘s causing this. The way you feel is a symptom or a result, like a tip of an iceberg visible above the water. But to be able to manage your stress and anxiety it’s worth to look at what’s hiding underneath. The iceberg drawing on this page lists some of the many common reasons I see in my work. Yours may be there, or they may be different.

Anxiety Iceberg.png

Would you like to talk about stress and anxiety coaching

and explore if it's right for you?

Here is how stress and anxiety coaching can help:

; Understand the biological mechanics of the stress response.

;  Understand what's triggering your stress and anxiety.

;  Feel more in control by developing your own strategies for how to cope in the moment.

;  Accountability for taking action to relieve your stress and anxiety.

;  Learn how to better manage your thoughts, moods and energy.

;  Create long-term change

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