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I give practical talks and workshops to inspire your audience to take ownership of their careers and be their best selves at work.

Are you interested in having me speak at your event? I'd be delighted to discuss that. Please get in touch by clicking on the button below:



I craft my talks from a number of different angles, providing insights tailored to each group’s key concerns and opportunities. 

Future proof your career 

We keep hearing that AI will revolutionise the job market. The majority of children in primary schools today will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. But this is not just about the future generations - us in the workplace today will also need to reinvent ourselves and our careers a lot. This may feel unsettling, but there are two sides to that coin: with great change comes great opportunity.

What will you get out of this talk:

  • What aspects of our work are most likely to change

  • Examine the 4 pillars of a future proof career that you can build or strengthen now.

  • Get clear about what you can be doing in your career today that your future self will thank you for

Your model of success  

Success is such a loaded, but such a relative concept. If you google “the definition of success” you are likely to find tens, if not hundreds of them. The definition in the Oxford dictionary says it’s “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. But what was that purpose in the first place? 


What will you get from this workshop:


  • Examine your own definition of success: the beliefs and rules that you live by, and where they came from. (Idea: Take two people, contrast them and their beliefs)

  • Understand how your beliefs impact the career decisions that you make. Take them under scrutiny - both those that empower you and those that hold you back.

  • It’s your choice what to believe in. You’ll create a definition of success you want to live by.

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