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The Career reboot  Programme

1-to-1 coaching for those who want to

create a career that's the perfect fit.

One that's aligned with your values, strengths and aspirations. 

A career to be proud of.

Making changes to our careers can be tricky.


You don’t want your work life to continue like this until you retire, but life is busy, isn't it?


And somehow months, then years pass and nothing changes. 


Also, there is so much at stake, not the least financially... How can you be sure that any career decisions you take are right? 

This programme is about giving you the clarity and the courage to make the best career decisions possible and move forwards with confidence. 

It's about getting clear on what you need to thrive, dismantling any blocks that may be holding you back and about approaching change in an intelligent and sustainable way. 


I'll support you on this journey.


This programme can kick start your career transformation by helping you get clarity, define your vision and set you on the path of consistent action in the right direction. 

It combines powerful coaching techniques, design thinking, positive psychology and years of my own and my clients' career experience into a single programme to accelerate your quest towards a work life that is great for you.


Without external guidance, it can be overwhelming, making it easy to lose direction or confidence that change is possible.

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Whether you're thinking of a career change, want more satisfaction out of your existing role, or dream of starting your business, the Career Reboot programme can help you:

And you’ll achieve all this by following a programme that is tailor made for you, your goal and the career stage you’re at.

. Get unstuck

. Define your work-life vision

. Clarify who you are

. Understand your unique strengths

. Move from thinking to doing

. Create focus

. Break any big career goals into manageable step by step actions

. Feel energised, encouraged and supported 

. Be accountable

. Develop self awareness beyond your work life

. Create your own set of rules to use as a guide




; Others think of you as successful, but you’re not passionate about your work.


You know that you want things to change, but you struggle to make time to work on your career.


; You may be considering different ideas but you're not sure what actions will give you the result you're after.


; You've been on the fence about your job or career change for a while.

; You are looking to redefine the role of work in your life. This  may be because you realised you want more out of life or because your life circumstances changed.


; You want your job to be the right fit for you, aligned with your values and strengths.




R  3, 6, or 12 month programme

R includes 2 x 1-to-1 coaching sessions per month (1 hour long) 

R comes with a 100 page workbook with exercises and assignments to help you reflect in between sessions

R you choose the goals you wish to work on

R sessions take place via video calls approx. every 2 weeks 

R choose the time for each session that suits your schedule

Would you like to talk about the programme

and explore if it's right for you?

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Exploration of your values, the role of work in your life and your definition of success.


Understanding yourself is the first step on a path to creating a meaningful career.


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Current job diagnostic. What works, what needs to change. Beliefs, emotions and influences affecting your choices. Anything that is keeping you stuck.


Get clear on where you are to make the right decisions about the future.  

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Develop a deep understanding of when you're energised and at your best.


Research is clear that paying attention and using individual strengths significantly improves fulfilment and lowers depression levels.

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This phase draws from Design Thinking. It's about exploring options, assessing ideas against what you learnt and turning them into experiments.  

Real clarity comes from engagement.

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Exploration of who you aspire to be and what you want  your life to look like. 


Like a compass, this awareness will help you evaluate new opportunities.    

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This module is about getting clear on your skills, the value you add and the power of your network.


We'll get very practical and (depending on your career objective) take an inventory of your skills for your CV, work on your promotion case, make your LinkedIn profile stand out. 

 Your path through the Career Reboot programme will be build from the 6 blocks below. 

Every career situation is different and I'll work with you to choose the content of each session that is most helpful for your specific circumstances and challenges.

You will only go through the modules that are relevant to you, with the option to stay with most important topics for longer.

This way you will spend time and effort exactly where you need it.

"Change, including career or significant job change,

is like sailing. 

When you set out on a journey to a new destination,

you can’t always picture it clearly from your point of departure.  

It’s only when you keep sailing and moving forward

you start seeing further."

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"What I got out of working with Marta is

much more clarity around my thoughts,

confidence to believe that I can successfully change careers and the motivation to give things a try.

The process of figuring out a career change would have felt much more overwhelming without Marta's help."

Sarah Maybury, London

programme material


Whether you do your best thinking with pen and paper or your iPad in hand,

the Career Reboot workbook contains over 100 pages of exercises and self-reflection assignments designed to help you make the most of your time in the programme.

You can do as many or as few as you want.

"Great careers are rarely stumbled upon,

they are intentionally created."

"Without Marta’s expert guidance and support, I would never have found my new career. 

Career Reboot ran over several months, which gave me the time to absorb, reflect and apply what I have been learning and discovering."

Stephen Rowell, London


I'm a certified career & executive coach, passionate about helping driven professionals be intentional about their careers. 

This programme is the result of my career coaching experience and lessons from my own career. This is the programme I wish I had it when figuring my own career change out.


Would you be happy in 1 or 2 years if you were in the exact same place in your career you are now?


If the answer is no, let’s talk. I'd love to hear more about your situation and see if I can help.



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